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Who we are

Re-Entry Prison and Jail Ministry (RPJM) was founded to provide resources for inmates who are re-entering society in San Diego County. We provide referrals through a network of ministries and organizations that in turn assist Chaplains, Pastors, and family members who are working with inmates or ex-offenders.

Our vision is to help ex-offenders mature in Christ. We take our model from Jesus as found in Luke 2:52, "And Jesus increased in wisdom [intellectual life] and stature [physical life] and in favor with God [spiritual life] and man [social life]".

Why we do it

We know our resources have helped.

Recidivism: Recidivism is the word used to describe someone who has relapsed and has returned to jail or prison. The recidivism rate of inmates has been documented around 40%. Some studies have shown a recidivism rate as high as 80%. Furthermore, those who do return, usually do so within a three-month to one-year period. We believe the leading cause of recidivism is the lack of spirituality, community, and education in an inmate's life. RPJM focuses on helping inmates and ex-offenders find the support they need to grow in these areas inside and outside of the prison environment.

Societal Mandate: Most inmates will be released from jail and prison. If we don't make a positive impact in their lives, they will return to victimize society again. RPJM has a mandate to society to help secure quality of life in our communities.

How we do it

On the Internet our web site has the largest San Diego County database of faith-based re-entry services available. We list over a hundred of faith-based prison and jail ministries that offer support in the following categories:

  • Alcohol & Drug Residential Programs
  • Alcohol & Drug Support Groups
  • Bible Study Aids & Correspondence
  • Biblical Counseling
  • Correctional Institutions & Chaplains
  • Emergency Aid
  • Employment
  • Homosexuality & Sexual Addiction Support Groups
  • Inmate Location Services
  • Jail & Prison Ministries
  • Jail and Prison Ministry Training Programs
  • Juvenile Services
  • Legal Aid
  • Magazines and Newsletters
  • Miscellaneous
  • Research Library
  • Residential Programs (Misc.)
  • Writing Ministries (Pen Pals)

San Diego Resource Directory on Paper

Every year we update our San Diego area-specific directory, which takes numerous phone calls and man-hours in order to update the resources included.

By One-on-One Ministry

Our ministry base is in San Diego, California, where there is a high population in jails and prisons. We offer consultation and referral services to recovery homes, support groups and employment agencies in our community.

Through Inmate Correspondence

We continually receive mail from inmates across the nation asking for help with resources to assist them when they are released from prison. We have an effective process keeping track of those who are currently on the verge of being released into San Diego County, to help them make as smooth as possible a transition into society.

By Workshops

We conduct workshops to train correctional ministers how to more effectively minister to people whose lives have been affected by incarceration.

By Networking

We are constantly networking with other faith-based organizations here in San Diego, so we can better help each other understand and feed the needs of the incarcerated and the ones who serve them.

About the Director:

Art Lyons was called to the ministry, after his conversion at the age of 20, which saved him from a life of drug abuse, alcoholism and periodic jail time. Five years later, in 1980, he graduated from the Horizon School of Evangelism (HSE), majoring in counseling, and has been with various full-time ministries ever since.

In his 33 years in the ministry, Art has been ordained and licensed with the following churches: Calvary Chapel, Cornerstone Christian Community, and Christian & Missionary Alliance, all in Chula Vista, California. Art was a Chaplain with the San Diego Sheriff's Department for 17 years. He has also assisted in the development of qualifications, policies, and procedures that govern the ministry of Chaplains for the San Diego Sheriff's Department.

Re-Entry Prison and Jail Ministry is a 501 (c)(3) California Non-Profit Corporation that is able to give you a tax-deductible receipt for financial or other material donations. Please consider supporting the work we do. Together we can make a difference in the lives affected by incarceration.

Re-Entry Prison and Jail Ministry
PO Box 620 - Chula Vista - CA - 91912
(619) 421-6263 - Chaplain Art Lyons