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Our Lives In Recovery Book Ordering Information

Our Lives in Recovery Chapter Headings:

Our Emotions and Body Appetites Part 1

Our Emotions and Body Appetites Part 2

Restoring Our Family Relationships

Establishing Our Church Family

Our Occupations and Bread Winning

Our Financial Lives and What We Do With Our Money

Our Social Lives

Submission and Serving

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If you order directly from me you we ask for a donation of

$10 each plus $3.50 shipping. (USA Only)

Send check or money order to:

Re-Entry Prison and Jail Ministry

P.O. Box 620

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Why Order From the Publisher if They Cost More?

If you’re planning to get this for an inmate, many correctional
facilities only allow books to be mailed into inmates by the publisher. Most will recive a book ordered from Amazon.com. Before ordering - check with the institution to find out their policy. If allowed, ship to the inmate directly.